Production Data-lyzer Utility (PDU)

Bringing Business Solutions to the Frontline with Data Frontline Software for Oil and Gas Production

Organizations are continually challenged with effectively managing and optimizing well operations. There is a critical need to integrate a solution that enhances and accelerates workflow processes and provides an effective and scalable tool for managing and reporting operational workflows. Some companies believe they are not able to afford software to manage the information from the field. Many options used by large or intermediate oil and gas companies are expensive or require considerable IT support. Data Frontline has written a software application specifically for those small and mid-size companies that are looking for an affordable and functional solution!

The Solution:
Production Data-lyzer Utility (PDU)

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) application has been developed with the budget-conscious company in mind. Data Frontline is developing a scalable solution starting with a “Lite” release that provides critical needs and the option to eventually upgrade and grow when robust data governance and management needs are needed. The project will be developed in a phased approach and detailed requirements adjusted at each phase. Best of all, this is a hosted application which means there are no hardware infrastructure or additional software investments that need to be made. There is a great deal of functionality included with the application.
With our robust allocation system, Production Data-Lyzer Utility is designed with the ability to define products and dispositions to ensure precise allocation. Using a drag and drop approach, you can easily construct delivery networks in less time. Production Data-Lyzer Utility supports your company’s data integrity and SOX compliance programs through its robust business rules and role-based security.

Key Features:

 Easy user-interface
 User/role based security
 Delivers increased data integrity
 Support for complex, multi-tiered allocations
 Daily and monthly reporting
 Regulatory reporting

Other Functionality

 Provides auditable results
 Graphical delivery network construction
 Production Data Entry
 Managing Property Setup
 Managing Delivery System Setup
 Managing Tank and Meter Setups
 Managing user login accounts and security authentication
 Integrating Sales Statements
 Allocation Hierarchy Chart Display