Education Data-Lyzer (EDU)

Bringing Business Solutions to the Frontline with Data Frontline Software for Schools

Are you a teacher or administrator in a public or private school? Do you have school administration software that is available to administrators, students, and parents? Some schools believe they are not able to afford school administration software like larger private schools and public schools offer to their community. Data Frontline has written a school administration software application specifically for those schools that are looking to offer their community an affordable and functional application!

The Solution:
Education Data-lyzer Utility (EDU)

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) application has been developed with the budget-conscious administrator in mind. It has also been developed with the teacher/parent/student relationship in mind, as well. We worked with a private school in the Houston, TX area and two different educational consultants to build an application that is functional, intuitive, and flexible. This application can even be used by homeschool families and is really helpful when it comes time to providing transcripts to community colleges and universities.
Best of all, this is a hosted application which means there are no hardware infrastructure or additional software investments that need to be made. There is a great deal of functionality included with the application. Here is a partial listing:


• Private website dedicated to your school
• User/role based security
• Tracking of all students and pertinent information
• Classes and rosters
• Teachers and classes assigned for teaching
• Grades tracking for all homework, quizzes, tests, and other assignments
• Lesson plan creation
• Lesson plan review and approval by administrators
• Report card generation
• Transcript generation

Explanation of Key Components

 Private Dedicated Website: Your school will have a specific URL dedicated to your school where teachers, students, and parents can review school related information. All the way from homework, to grades, to report cards.
 User/Role Based Security: User/role based security has been built into the application to prevent unauthorized access to student and administrator related information. The system is easily configured to allow each person the right level of access to the functionality found within the application.
 Tracking Student Information: The EDU application allows administrators to keep pertinent information regarding their students. This can include their names, addresses, and other contact related information along with critical parent information. And, they can also track disciplinary actions that have been taken. Administrators can utilize the messaging capabilities to get in touch with parents.
 Classes and Rosters: Administrators have the ability to generate a report showing all classes, the teacher, and students assigned at any time. The report can be printed or simply viewed on the computer screen.
 Grade Tracking: Teachers are provided with an interface to easily enter grades for homework, quizzes, tests, and ad-hoc related assignments into the EDU application. And, the final grades are all calculated automatically based on the formulas entered for the final grade at the beginning of the year. This will obviously save teachers time!
 Lesson Plan Creation: Some schools require teachers to submit lesson plans for approval. And the EDU application provides that functionality. The teacher creates the lesson plan and they can then submit it for approval to the administrators. Also, upon approval, the lesson automatically creates the applicable assignments in the system for future grade inputs.
 Report Card Generation: Teachers will sometimes look at report card time as a “pain” in their daily routine. Obviously, report cards are not part of the “daily” routine and thus, it sometimes feels like extra work. The EDU application takes away the pressure of generating report cards for students. Each student can receive a paper copy or a digital copy of their report card. The report cards are generated with the school logo affixed to the document and/or digital copy.
 Transcript Generation: Colleges and Universities require transcripts from the schools of their prospective students. The EDU application makes this a very quick and simple process. The transcripts are generated with the school logo affixed to the document.